Friday, January 20, 2012

 I get petty excited every time  I find a new website or blog to help make teaching easier. So I'm excited to share a few with you that I have recently found.  :)
 You can see on the top, right hand of my page that I have a button for a fun blog of a stay at home mom, who is a former school teacher with the name "Moffatt Girls" {be sure to stop by and snag a button of hers, she is full of neat ideas}
 It was through her blog that I found a neat website This website is there to provide endless ideas, printables, story books, you name it and they will have it. It starts at Pre-K and goes all the way through grade 12, so there is something for everyone on here.  Their story of how they began is also a neat read.  :) 
 Most items on there are easily downloaded for a great price, so once you purchase it, you can just download it onto your computer and voila, you're done!  It's fantastic!
 I just ordered something off of there tonight and I will be sure to share more about it once we download it for school next week.  I'm pretty stoked!  :)

 Now this next website I have actually had saved on my computer for about 2 years now, but somehow I managed to completely forget about it..thankfully I have found it again though! :)  This one is called  It's great to help the kids practice their spelling words, definitions, and prepare for their tests with games, drills and so much more.  It's completely free or you can purchase a premium membership at a low annual cost, that will allow you more options.  
 It's simple and to easy not to use.  :)  All you have to do is type in your child's name and grade for it to be saved. Then weekly, or as often as you do your spelling words, type in the words you are learning, press save and you're done!  They are automatically made into sentences, games, drills, ect.

 Hope these sites help make your teaching days easier and more exciting!   

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I was watching the news the other morning while getting my coffee {gotta love a little GMA in the morning before the kids get up} :)  I heard them talking about prices going up, prices on just about everything. Gas, groceries, restaurants, you name it or think it and it's probably going up.
     Major Bummer!
 About a year and a half ago I started the all famous couponing method to help save money for my family.  Now I'm no extremist {although I will admit, if I had the time and more know how, I probably would be}  :)   I have learned, however, to save close to a 65-70% monthly savings on groceries since I started doing this. On groceries I mean food, household cleaners, diapers{for 2}, wipes, cosmetics, toiletries, ect.  We budget $600 for me to spend a month. For a family of 8, that's not to bad...if I do say so myself!  ;)  That equals to be about $75 a person a month. 
 Of course I take no credit for saving as much as I do, because I use the hard work that other wonderful ladies do on blogs that they created for specific stores, as they prepare the match-ups with the weekly adds and coupons.  So all I'm left to do is print/clip my coupons. Look up the match-ups they so generously provide {I do love these people, although I don't know them personally} :) Then head over to the store to purchase what's on my list.

      I will add the blog buttons on my page of the ones that I use to do my match-ups.  These are stores that are only located in the South.  They are both Publix & Winn-dixie. Although I will add a few others to help you locate other websites/blogs that will do these match-ups for you of stores in your area. If you are able to find a specific blog of a specific store that is even better, since you are more likely to catch things like the "un-advertised deals."  Store coupon booklets, policy changes, ect.  :)

Coupons are just one simple way of saving money, but it's a great way to do so!  :)  Even if you just do a little here and there, it's still a savings that will add up and leave you more money in your pocket.

I'll be sure to add a few other little fun ways of saving money that we have been applying in our home. 
Be sure to share your ideas too...  :)

*Look under  the tab labeled"Money Saving Tips for links to some blogs that will help you save.  :)