Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Bash

  I now have 2 children that share a birthday in January, Connor who just turned one on January 3rd and Lindsey who just turned six on January 28th.

I really do try to stay on top of the birthday parties and such, but you know sometimes the days just keep on passing us by and then before I know it, it's almost time for another one {Elizabeth will be 8 in March}  So I had to scramble to get a party on the calender quick before I had a third one to worry about.  :)

 So with a quick run by with my large families schedule, I was able to make it happen this past Sunday.  Lindsey was thrilled and could hardly contain herself all weekend long.  We went to a local Goodwill on Saturday to look for a dress, unable to find anything, she was not disappointed.  She had plenty of ideas as to what she wanted to wear for her big party.
 *I also was not disappointed when I went to grab a gift for Lindsey and Connor and stumbled upon some cute, teal boots for Lindsey, for a clearance low of $6 at Target.  :)

 The party was a success!  The kids, okay and adults, were loaded with an assortment of brownies, cupcakes, ice cream and P-nut butter M&M's that would satisfy any every sweet tooth. 
 * I promise we don't eat like this on a regular basis.  :)

 Happy Birthday Lindsey and Connor!  We love you so much!

New Doll with extra clothes, from grandma... big hit!

Little guy loves him some balls!

For the past year, Adam and I have been getting all of our children
piggy-banks for their birthday's.  Connor, however, was terrified
of was pretty funny  :)  So here we are petting
the pig to show how nice he is!

Only just a *hint* of the cousins enjoying some goodies!

My newest little nephew Donato. He is so precious!
We love us some babies!!! :)

O'h, I almost forgot to mention. We have a family tradition for the 1st year birthday parties we allow the birthday boy/girl to dig into a cake of their very own while we all watch with our cameras, video recorders, ect. 
Because I was so late at getting the party going this year, my wonderful sister Amanda {Brooklynne's mama} allowed Connor to dig into his first birthday cake along with Brooklynne earlier this year.. thanks Amanda!  :)
We couldn't believe how much cleaner Connor was than Brooklynne..
he is known to love his food quite well!
But hey, no complaints here... clean-up for me was a breeze! :)