Florida Homeschool Help Guides

  I live in Florida, so  these sites are mostly for Florida residents only.  As well as for locals in my area. Don't forget to look up your state and area with your counties school board. I'm sure you will be able to find all kinds of helpful information there too.  :)

* This is the "Gulf Coast Christian Home Educators Association"  It's for all surrounding county's in the Gulf Coast from Okaloosa to Walton County, as well as military families stationed at Eglin, Hurlburt, & Duke.  It's an amazing and readily available group to be apart of if you're a Gulf Coast local. 

* Here is a copy of the "Letter of intent" that you will need to print, fill out and send to your school superintendent at your counties school board saying that you intend to teach your child from home.  This is for Okaloosa county only.  Each county has their own Letter of intent, so be sure to fill out the correct one.  :) This site also has an information packet with a  "Letter of Termination" if you choose to discontinue teaching from home, as well as helpful guides to Home school Associations along with School District calenders, ect.

* This is the Florida Virtual Home school Education for grades 6-12.  We have not personally used this resource.

* FPEA stands for the Florida Parent Educators Association.  It's basic mission is to help offer education for parents on their legal rights to home school, local school board education and interaction, along with support, local conventions and events, ect. 

There are two local Umbrella Schools that I am aware of locally:

Heritage Academy 428 Racetrack Rd. Fort Walton Beach, Florida 850-259-2526
 This is a Christian based umbrella school that is state certified and can be used as a "school" in other states as well. You can call the number for more information.

Hillcrest Academy is another umbrella school in Escambia County Florida. This is for Florida Residents only! This Umbrella is free of charge.

 If you have any questions I would definitely do my  best to help you find the answer.  I know how confusing and scary homeshooling can be to start out, at least it was for me. :)  I hope to help anyone that I can to make their experience as smooth and easy as possible. So please don't hesitate to contact me at Rebeccawhite.35@outlook.com or just leave a comment. 

 Happy Homeschooling!