Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Haha-nope! Just a good time with mama's camera phone. 😉

    Introducing Lauren.. 

 She's 12 years old with a heart much like her mama's. 
 She wants to be a babysitter, a missionary, a wife and a mama. ❤️

Welcome little one

Carson Charles White ❤️
So perfectly entered this world on November 14, 2014

We love you more and more Carson buddie! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

I was so excited when I realized that you could take a placemat and turn it into a super cute and cheap accent pillow! ☺️

 Who doesn't want a million pillows taking over thier couch and bed?! 
*Haha..ok, maybe not our husbands!

 Things you'll need: 
 * An awesome cloth placemat {Target has the most adorable ones!}
 *pillow stuffing

* Needle and thread

 Stitch needle {not sure what the technical term for this little tool, but it's what you'll need to open the stitch on the placemat.} 

 Use your little tool and open up about 3 inches of your placemat. 

 Next, stuff away till it's your plump desire! 😉

 Take your needle and thread and stitch it right back up.

 That's all there is to it!!!! You now have a super cute accent pillow!! 

 Be prepared to stuff, fluff and stitch till your hearts desire! It's hard to stop at just one! 😉 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So since it has been a little while, I haven't been able to announce our newest love...baby number 8 on the way! :)

I've been trying to do a little better this pregnancy to capture all the growing stages on my phone (before this I haven't had a phone for a couple years) so I just used a good ole fashioned camera. ;)

                        12 weeks 

                       16 weeks

                      20 weeks

                     24 weeks 

You can see my belly and then the rest of me growing without any problems! Haha

Some is the baby and some is the chocolate chip mint ice cream ( and maybe a few of those roast beef BLT sandwiches at Arby's! ;) that I long for. :) 

I am 25 weeks now and we know that we're having another sweet little boy! ❤️

Our hearts and quiver is full and we're so excited to have another sweet baby to love and care for! 

Summer Fun

 It's been a while since I've updated much on here. Time quickly has gotten away, children are growing and excitement is happening all around.

 Here are a few fun facts from our summer 2014 so far...

 Beach days!!! We love the beach! We usually wait and go in the late afternoon so that it's not so hot, plus we usually get to watch the sunset if we stay out long enough..Gods beautiful work right before our eyes! :)

Daddy dates on the swing

 Hot walks on Turkey Creek trail..it was reeeeaally hot that day! ;)

 Make-your-own-pizza nights....the kids love this! 

Then eat it on the living room floor with a movie..they love this even more! :)

 Coffee & play dates while visiting with an old childhood friend is splendid indeed. 

Steak & potatoes, can't see it, but there was also some delicious grilled asparagus there too. ;) We sure love us some late night dinner and movie after the kids have trailed off to bed! :)

There's just a glimpse of another wonderful summer that we've been having around here!! :)