Monday, June 8, 2015

Nursing while homeschooling

 I'm pretty sure my kids think all I do is nurse the baby all day and I'm pretty sure they are right! :)


 It does feel as though I'm usually saying "ok, hold on. I need to go feed the baby"  or  "I'll look that over after I'm done feeding the baby"  or "everyone be quite, I'm feeding the baby to sleep"

 What's a poor child (or mama) to do when it seems like you're tied down to a chair all day feeding and school (among many other things) needs to get done. 

  I learned a couple years ago that if I tried to wait to do anything till I was "done" feeding the baby nothing would actually ever get done. ;)
 So we read. Lots of reading! :) 

{listening to the sweet sound of my young readers figuring out sounds and putting words together never gets old. It's like watching your baby take his/her first steps..your so proud! <3

{ I adore this picture! To watch my older ones love on their little brothers and sisters makes any mama's heart burst! :) This sweet one of my Lindsey being so tender and gently reading to her baby brother is just the sweetest! 
*obviously I'm not nursing the baby in this one! but it was just to sweet not to post. ;)

Another thing we love to do in our house are unit studies and lap books. I'll have to be sure to share more in detail how we use them in our school on a later post, but these are also perfect activities to do while that sweet little baby needs some feeding time. ;)
 *This one is for our geography  

One of the pros to homeschool: any day can be pajama day! 

Sometimes even Carson likes to take a break from the feeding and join in! ;)

 Would love to hear others tips and ideas of how you continue school while feeding your little one.