Monday, May 14, 2012


                               Hoping everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday!

                            Here were a few treasures I stumbled upon over the weekend!  J

Saturday morning run for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fresh Lillie's and a bag of Starbucks with Dove Dark Chocolate.
The coffee and chocolate were my treat to myself! J

Hyped up on sugar after all those doughnuts! J
A few quick snaps for Lexi's baby book {and this post J } right after church.

Lastly, a relaxed and enjoyed night going to dinner with my mom and sisters. Followed guessed it.. some Starbucks Coffee! J

Praying and hoping everyone had a very special day with some unexpected treasures along the way! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  Mother's Day is this coming Sunday and as usual, I'm super late coming up with something to give to my mom from the kids and/or myself.  J  
 Also this month I have the 3&4 yr olds in our church nursery, so I better come with something good, low-cost, and quick.

Here are a few really cute and fun ideas I found on Pintrest.. can't go wrong when you try something off of pintrest right?! 


I love this one, she has so many great ideas on here!
visit The Busy Budgeting Mama here for some DIY projects for mom's and grandma's!

Also here are a few free printables that will look great in frames or printed on some card stock and given as a card! 

grandma printable

Free printable from Amy at a Proffittable Life

Hope everyone is having a great day today!

Monday, May 7, 2012

        22 weeks in so far...

        A few long nights of serious indegestion {I can never get used to that}       
An even greater love for all things chocolate and a "few" extra pounds/inches taking hold J  
                                           Lexi love is growing great!

                      {Lauren took these pictures for me, so this is me doing a cheesy pose for the baby book}  J

             Looking forward to meeting our littlest one in September!