Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've been spending this summer trying to prepare for this coming school year. I learned a lot last year..lots and lots of learning! Hopefully the kids learned a little amongst it all too. ;)

Last year was quite the learning curve for me. I was feeling pretty lost and in-over-my-head one to many times during the school year.  What confused me the most was that I could not figure out why. I mean, having "those" days was, and is not unusual for us around here, but this was more than just that.  I had not really changed anything from the years prior and was not trying some extravagant, new, cirriculiam that I was getting swallowed up in.  I was at a loss!!

We had a basic idea of how our days went. Nothing was ever written out, but I would try and have things together and somewhat planned the night before {ok, like 1am :-) } Everyone was usually up and starting breakfast anytime between 7-8 and the " known" chores were done before I would start to call the children to grab their pencils and books and sit down.  The problem I was having this time was that by the time I called them all to sit down I was scrambling..scrambling for books, lesson plans, something for one or all to do while I worked with another child.  Inside my head was complete chaos and confusion and it was coming out of me every time I tried to teach.  Of course, on top of that were the younger 3 who were constantly interrupting, or distracting.
* Hey! Where'd they come from???!!!! ;)

 So I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and desperate for help..for guidance..advice..anything! Ok, really I would've been happy for someone to just tell me what to do and how to do it, but all those wise women who have gone before us never seem to want to do that!  ;)  Just kidding!!

 With some help from God (He really deserves the credit), my husband (he's so encouraging) and a wonderful book I found called Saving Daylight by Hiedi St.John. I learned change was necessary!

 I also started to learn something interesting about myself.

I think I can have quite a type A personality. I like things a certain way, I'm not very spontaneous, and I like to feel prepared. {haha..this is not the newfound wisdom I gained here}
*Although seeing it written out like that makes me think I could work on it some!  ;)

I started to realize the reason I am not real great about using schedules, in fact they could stress me out a bit, was only because I would let them run me!! Instead of using them as a guideline for our day, I would let them run my day. Kind of make-me-or-break-me sort of deal.  
 With 7 children 10 years and younger, that was not working out real well! Yikes, not real well at all!

* diaper changes, spilled cups, nursing, math, diaper changes, toddler curiosities{I.e. toilets, makeup, trash cans,ect}, spelling, arguing, nursing, sicknesses, toddler trying to climb the table, phonics, did I mention the absurd amount of diaper changes that takes place here, nursing, language, toddler dumping all the crayons on the favorite.."who's hair is this laying next to the left out scissors??" 

Wait a minute, I didn't schedule any of that into my day!!! ;)

So this school year 2013/2014 I'm feeling excited!  I'm feeling refreshed!  I'm feeling prepared..almost! ;)

Praying this school year (homeschool or public school) is blessed and peaceful for each of you and your families too!

Just for fun I plan to share some of the new things that we're trying this year:
* our schedule ( guideline) ;)
* chore chart
* note booking/ journaling
* school binders