Saturday, September 10, 2011

 This morning I've been pretty emotional, lots of tears & frustration.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with day to day chores, school and life demands.  It all can seem quite impossible to achieve and get done at times.  I know this is nothing new for all of us moms out there, we all have our days (and monthly visits that only increase these emotions :) ) that can make us crumble into a sobbing mess and believing "No appreciates me around here!"  
 It's probably expected that I should say.. "then suddenly, one of my children says "Mommy, I love you" that then reminds me how blessed I am...." but nope, that is not what I'm going to say.  Instead I have an 8 month old who is tired, with a rash that appears to be getting worse instead of better. A 2yr old who wants to touch and eat everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!  Then there are my older ones who feel that they need to remind me constantly of how "bored" they are and have absolutely "noooothing to do!!!" 
 However, I have been reminded of one thing.  This is something that was told to me soon after I started having children. It's something that my parents taught me, that their parents taught them.  That something is this...              
                                     "Be patient or you will become one!"   :)

 I think today is a good day to have no chores, eat whatever is in the kitchen that does not require  any preparation or clean up. Coffee with extra sugar and cream, and seriously plan a sisters night out....soon!  :)

On a little more serious note, God also has some pretty amazing things to say about us Moms.  :)  He definetly has way of uplifting us on our down days....

                      "A Mothers love reaches far beyond circumstances or feelings, it sees past flaws and imperfections, and celebrates God's gift of love, sent from heaven in the form of a child.

              Her children will rise up and call her blessed.   Proverbs 31:28

                                     Hope today is a blessed day in your home!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Storms + Beach = Floridians

   Not sure if I've mentioned it, but we're from the Sunshine State.. Florida.  :)  I love it here! I was born & raised in the north eastern part of Florida. We're surrounded by beautiful beaches almost everywhere.
 With living in Florida and surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, we occasionally get hurricanes and pretty gusty tropical storms sweeping through here. So as most natives of Florida do, we all head to the beach when one begins to show it's strength in the water.  It's an old tradition that I grew up doing and loved.  My parents would load us all into the car, we would drive over the bridge to the beaches and park as close as we could to the sand so that we could see the waves rising high and then crash into the nearby pier.  We would usually get out of the car with excitement as we walked toward the pavilions where most of the town also stood, and we could feel the strong winds against our face. We would laugh and just be "certain" the wind was going to blow us away!  Afterwards we would usually stop by the old Dairy Queen that no longer stands, and everyone would get an ice cream cone, I now understand that was probably meant to keep us quite so that my parents could talk. :) 
 So the tradition carries on, whenever there is a storm out in the gulf, you know where most of us will be.. down on the beach.  :)  Here are a few pictures of our trip to the beach today as Tropical Storm Lee was out in the gulf... enjoy!

                            Daddy, Caden(wasn't real happy with all the sand blowing) & Connor

little Connor bubs!


mommy & Ella bug

All done at the beach and heading out for some lunch.. and ice cream!  :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Never forget..

 Starting Monday I'm going to talk to the girls about 9/11. I've searched for ideas that would be age appropriate for them,but yet still have an understanding as to what happened on that day.  I found a book that I wanted to share. I'm honored to know the woman who made this book. She was a home school mom herself. She has raised 2 girls and 2 boys who are now adults and parents themselves. She still to this day has an obvious love for children.  This is an amazing book from children themselves, of all ages, from all over the nation, and their perspective and understanding of that day.  I would definitely recommend this book to use while teaching your children about this day we should never forget!

The Voice of America's Youth

*Click on the Title and the link to her book will appear.

Don't forget to check your local area and town website to see if there are any dedications and/or ceremonies to honor this day.  Those are some great ways to incorporate lessons.  :)  Our town holds one every year at our Uptown Station.  Firemen and police officers come out in full uniform and raise the American flag while we stand in silence to remember all those who gave their lives to save so many and those who lost their lives so innocently!
 I'll be sure to update with pictures!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trial and Error

  This is our 3rd year homeschooling and I have used Abecka curriculum all three years.  It's easy for me as the "teacher" to understand and my girls have, so far, done very well understanding it.  Yet still I decided I wanted to try something new with my oldest who has just started the 3rd grade.  The first always get to be the Ginny pigs right?!  :) 
  So I search all summer long and stumble upon Alpha Omega Switched on School house math(computer program) and their Life Pac language and spelling.  I'm super excited because not only is this my chance to play with something new, it looks  fun and easy to use. 
 We just started school on August the 22nd. and today September 1st, I have already ordered Abecka grade 3 curriculum and we're starting over.  It's nothing against Alpha Omega, it just didn't work for us. I think alot of it is because I am more common with Abecka and the way that they teach. I also really like the repetition that Abecka has in each of their subjects, so back to Abecka it is!!!  :)
 I guess this "trial and error" is just the beginning, but I'm sure glad that we changed our decision when we did.
 So tomorrow starts a new day. Freshly sharpened pencils, and text books prepared, blessed to be able to teach my kids at home!!  :)
Pray your day is wonderful too!

                                           Lauren, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Caden, Ella & Connor