Sunday, January 8, 2012

I was watching the news the other morning while getting my coffee {gotta love a little GMA in the morning before the kids get up} :)  I heard them talking about prices going up, prices on just about everything. Gas, groceries, restaurants, you name it or think it and it's probably going up.
     Major Bummer!
 About a year and a half ago I started the all famous couponing method to help save money for my family.  Now I'm no extremist {although I will admit, if I had the time and more know how, I probably would be}  :)   I have learned, however, to save close to a 65-70% monthly savings on groceries since I started doing this. On groceries I mean food, household cleaners, diapers{for 2}, wipes, cosmetics, toiletries, ect.  We budget $600 for me to spend a month. For a family of 8, that's not to bad...if I do say so myself!  ;)  That equals to be about $75 a person a month. 
 Of course I take no credit for saving as much as I do, because I use the hard work that other wonderful ladies do on blogs that they created for specific stores, as they prepare the match-ups with the weekly adds and coupons.  So all I'm left to do is print/clip my coupons. Look up the match-ups they so generously provide {I do love these people, although I don't know them personally} :) Then head over to the store to purchase what's on my list.

      I will add the blog buttons on my page of the ones that I use to do my match-ups.  These are stores that are only located in the South.  They are both Publix & Winn-dixie. Although I will add a few others to help you locate other websites/blogs that will do these match-ups for you of stores in your area. If you are able to find a specific blog of a specific store that is even better, since you are more likely to catch things like the "un-advertised deals."  Store coupon booklets, policy changes, ect.  :)

Coupons are just one simple way of saving money, but it's a great way to do so!  :)  Even if you just do a little here and there, it's still a savings that will add up and leave you more money in your pocket.

I'll be sure to add a few other little fun ways of saving money that we have been applying in our home. 
Be sure to share your ideas too...  :)

*Look under  the tab labeled"Money Saving Tips for links to some blogs that will help you save.  :)

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