Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break has begun..

  Our Spring Break has just started as of last Friday. We decided to hit the "trails" along with some friends and family and go on a camping trip.  It was tons of fun and I hope that next year my family {as in my extended family} can all go together, I think that would be an adventure we would soon not forget!  :)

 We walked on trails, cooked hot dogs in the fire, made smores for dinner and breakfast{not me though,yuck!}, found hermit crabs, saw dolphins swimming close by, flew some kites, survived the tiny shack with only a toilet seat, and managed to get all 6 kids to sleep in the same tent with out loosing my mind!  :)

 Here is just a glimpse of our trip.  Hope everyone has a wonderful "break" this week.

Playing in dirt, kick ball and sword fighting.. just the way to start the day!

The hard working dads, putting up tents and blowing up air mattress
{that's right we sleep on air mattress}  :)

We found a trail that led us straight down to the beach,
this is where we spent most of the afternoon!

Next morning we found a nature trail to go explore..

where we stumbled upon a little museum with the history of
St Andrews State Park

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