Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We've been hustling to get done with school to start our summer {I was hoping we could start our summer a little earlier than usual} We might just make it... maybe!  :)
 Keeping up with that has kept me from getting on the computer to much, which is probably not a bad thing really, esp. with pintrest.  :)
 So just a few fun updates on whats been going on here...

 Elizabeth had her birthday in March, she turned 8 yrs old.

 We have a few "traditions" that we do on birthdays. The birthday child gets to choose what they want for dinner, and Elizabeth chose a chicken pot pie. You can find the recipe here if you're intrested. :)
I made this one with a little butterfly in the middle as something different for her birthday!

Lauren & Elizabeth enjoying their pot pie! :)

  After dinner we measure the birthday child on this "wall of measurements" that we have next to our kitchen entry way. We did this growing up in my parents house, so I was excited to start this in our new home when we bought it a few years back. :)

They always get so excited to see how much they have grown over the year, especially if they are taller than the sibling older than them at their age. :)

She was sweet, she asked if she could read the little ones a bedtime story before they had to go to bed that night, so here is a little picture I snapped while she was reading to them. :)

I think they were paying more attention to me with the camera than her!

 It was a while before we actually got a party with the family scheduled, so at the last minute, we decided to throw it into the chaos of Easter.  haha  I don't think she minded a bit. :)
We went to church that morning and then later met up at my brothers house to have an early dinner and do the Easter egg hunt with all the children. That will have to be a whole other post that I will write about later.  :) 
 Right after church Adam, along with most of my brother-n-laws, went to finish getting the play set that we bought for the kids from some friends of ours {my sisters were very kind to let there husbands head out on such a busy day.. thank you!} 
 We usually try to get  a family picture on Easter, but with so much going on, we just snapped a few of the children right after church.

Easter 2012

Here are just a few pictures of Elizabeth opening a few presents and getting some cake.  We threw this in right after we searched for the Easter eggs! :)

As you can see, Emma to the right is still very intrested in her eggs!  haha

 A few days ago, the girls and I went on a girls shopping trip so that Elizabeth could spend her Claires gift card and some birthday money.  It was cut a little short because we started to get some bad weather, plus Elizabeth was the only one with shopping money.  :) 

 When we came home Adam and the boys had some Bar-B-Q ribs on the grill with dinner nearly finished, which was a special treat for me!  ;)

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