Wednesday, January 14, 2015

School has been pretty relaxed for us around here this year. I suppose it's pretty relaxed for us most years as we usually just have to take each day as it comes. ;)

 With little ones keeping us actively moving from one thing to another {this is just a nicer way if saying "distracted"} ;) We have no other choice but to sometimes say, "let's pack up the books and move on to something else..."

So what better than to pull out the microscope and get a closer look at things.
{I scored this little beauty for $5 brand new off of a yard sale site}

Sometimes we just plop ourselves in front of the tv and watch a fun documentary on netflix :)

Most fun of all.... Putting the books away and playing in the rain!  

Loving this journey with these precious ones! It's a journey for sure, and my heart is so full! 
 Love you beautiful ones! 

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