Monday, March 13, 2017

My first Home Birth

 There is something special about hearing women share their experience with birth. The first time they hold their new born. The first time they feed the precious, brand new baby.  The smells.  The counting of the fingers and toes.  All the feels and emotions.  Its such a beautiful gift.

There are so many details I remember with each of my children when they were born. They are each so unique and different in who they are. Their arrival into this world is no different.

This time around, we did things quite different. It has not been an area of comfort for us in the past, but the Lord certainly used this time to stretch our faith and teach us even more how to trust in Him.

 So this was our first home birth.  Adam and I and our 8 children were home. Two of my closest sisters also came to be with me. **They to have birthed at home only assisted by family.**

 They gave me drink to stay hydrated, they rubbed my very sore back during labor, they sat with my children, they cleaned, they cooked, they truly just served my family and I.

They left Adam and I in our room alone as we prayed and I worked hard through those contractions.



Lindsey & Elizabeth sitting on my bed while they awaited the arrival of the brother/sister
{We didn't know the gender}
        Lindsey was praying for me.  πŸ’ž

He came into the world after 4 hours of labor. So much love!

I have birthed many babies. Each and every birth is so special and something every woman should be  proud of.

This experience for me taught me joy in a whole new way. It taught me joy comes from truly trusting in Him.  πŸ’•
This is just another step of my journey to joy....

 Now anyone who knows me, knows that I can't possibly go without sharing a few funny tidbits. πŸ˜‰

A few weeks before I was to give birth I decided to try my hand at making some natural deodorant. Though I like this deodorant, I can attest to the  fact that it DOES NOT stand against the hard work of labor.. πŸ˜… I was definitely sending off a very earthy smell...

Another funny story my sisters told me. While I was laboring, my daughter Lindsey, she is 11, comes out of the room and into the living room where my sister Sarah is sitting. Sarah asked her how I was doing and Lindsey replies, "She does not look happy!"   😏


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