Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teaching on a budget

  Homeschooling comes with so many perks, but can be so costly, especially if you are looking into any kind of extra activity outside of the home to make up for what they would receive in going to school.
 With 6 children and 3 that are in grade school, extra activities that cost money ( i.e. music lessons, art class, dance classes, sports) don't really happen right now.  I think it's a wonderful outlet if you are able to do this, but if you are tight on a budget and cannot make this happen then I have good news!  :)
  There is so much offered all around us and it's usually FREE or cost very little.  Even better news, it is  as simple as checking out your city website.  Your city website is there for locals as well as visitors, so it will always keep a calender of events, recreational parks in your area, museums, ect. It will also have links to places like your local library. Follow those links or call your library to see if they offer any story times for children.  We definitely take full advantage of our local library, story hour, and sometimes just somewhere different to do school work.  :)
 Be creative to your surroundings. We live near Air Force Bases, historic sites, & beautiful beaches. There are so many ideas and spin off's that you can use when teaching around your area.( i.e. weather, natural disasters, history, ect.)
 Also don't forget to look into off season deals.  Some places like gulfariums, & zoo's have off season passes, which usually drop to 50-60% off, which is an amazing deal if you can get a yearly pass that will allow you in at anytime.
 Happy homeschooling! 


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