Saturday, October 15, 2011

  The kids and I went to the park with some friends on Friday. It was so nice to get out of the house, go somewhere to let the kids run free and spend some time with good friends.  We have a great park here called 'Marlers Park'  It's got great shade, and play equipment.  It is also about 200ft from a beach and a fishing dock.  After playing at the playground, the kids were begging to go walk on the beach, so we all decided to go to the fishing dock so they could look at the water, and hopefully see some marine life (since we have had a purple flag all week) and much to our surprise we saw all kinds of neat marine life swimming right by us.
 There was a man on the dock fishing, so we were sure to remind the children to be quite while he was fishing. Well, he was wonderful! He caught a blow fish for the kids to see before tossing back into the water. He had a bucket full of live shrimp that he was using as bait, and he allowed the children to look and even hold one if they wanted.  He then caught a lizard fish, which was interesting.  :)  We also got to see lots of jelly fish and sting ray swim past while looking off the rails into the water.
 It turned out to be a play date/field trip all in one, and you can't beat that!  :)
 Wish I could have captured some of these moments with a camera, but hopefully this won't be the last play date that turns into an unexpected "field trip"  :)
 Just a reminder, if you live in near beaches, that is always a great place to go and teach science. Be sure to keep an eye out for the purple flag, which means there is lots of marine life in the water.  That is a great time to find a safe fishing pier or dock and allow the children to bring their journals to write and/or draw pictures of all the neat marine life that God created to live in the water.  :)
  * For any locals, here is the link to Marlers Park.  It's worth a visit.  :)

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