Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Special Delivery

                                 We had our baby girl, Lexann Joy, and she is a sweetie! 

Born September 5,2012. Weighing in at 6lbs & 15oz.

Things went pretty quickly this time around, so we didn't have time to get many pictures.     So here are just a few that we managed to sneak in real quick.  J

I normally wouldn't post a picture of my bare, sexy shoulders on the Internet like this J  haha!  But  since you're all just family, I didn't think you would mind. J

Daddy doing some quiet reading with his baby girl!

Sisters.. sweet love!

Big brother loving!

 I realized after going through some of these pictures that I didn't have any of Connor with Lexann.  He had no desire to sit long enough to let me get a few pictures of them together.  J 

No worries though, I will have plenty more pictures to post in the coming months, my camera is definitely getting a good work out with all the kids around here! J

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  1. Becca- I love these pictures! The ones of you and Lexi snuggling skin on skin is beautiful! And you rock your bare sexy shoulders. :)