Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So since it has been a little while, I haven't been able to announce our newest love...baby number 8 on the way! :)

I've been trying to do a little better this pregnancy to capture all the growing stages on my phone (before this I haven't had a phone for a couple years) so I just used a good ole fashioned camera. ;)

                        12 weeks 

                       16 weeks

                      20 weeks

                     24 weeks 

You can see my belly and then the rest of me growing without any problems! Haha

Some is the baby and some is the chocolate chip mint ice cream ( and maybe a few of those roast beef BLT sandwiches at Arby's! ;) that I long for. :) 

I am 25 weeks now and we know that we're having another sweet little boy! ❤️

Our hearts and quiver is full and we're so excited to have another sweet baby to love and care for! 

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