Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun

 It's been a while since I've updated much on here. Time quickly has gotten away, children are growing and excitement is happening all around.

 Here are a few fun facts from our summer 2014 so far...

 Beach days!!! We love the beach! We usually wait and go in the late afternoon so that it's not so hot, plus we usually get to watch the sunset if we stay out long enough..Gods beautiful work right before our eyes! :)

Daddy dates on the swing

 Hot walks on Turkey Creek trail..it was reeeeaally hot that day! ;)

 Make-your-own-pizza nights....the kids love this! 

Then eat it on the living room floor with a movie..they love this even more! :)

 Coffee & play dates while visiting with an old childhood friend is splendid indeed. 

Steak & potatoes, can't see it, but there was also some delicious grilled asparagus there too. ;) We sure love us some late night dinner and movie after the kids have trailed off to bed! :)

There's just a glimpse of another wonderful summer that we've been having around here!! :)

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