Friday, September 2, 2011

Never forget..

 Starting Monday I'm going to talk to the girls about 9/11. I've searched for ideas that would be age appropriate for them,but yet still have an understanding as to what happened on that day.  I found a book that I wanted to share. I'm honored to know the woman who made this book. She was a home school mom herself. She has raised 2 girls and 2 boys who are now adults and parents themselves. She still to this day has an obvious love for children.  This is an amazing book from children themselves, of all ages, from all over the nation, and their perspective and understanding of that day.  I would definitely recommend this book to use while teaching your children about this day we should never forget!

The Voice of America's Youth

*Click on the Title and the link to her book will appear.

Don't forget to check your local area and town website to see if there are any dedications and/or ceremonies to honor this day.  Those are some great ways to incorporate lessons.  :)  Our town holds one every year at our Uptown Station.  Firemen and police officers come out in full uniform and raise the American flag while we stand in silence to remember all those who gave their lives to save so many and those who lost their lives so innocently!
 I'll be sure to update with pictures!

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