Monday, September 5, 2011

Storms + Beach = Floridians

   Not sure if I've mentioned it, but we're from the Sunshine State.. Florida.  :)  I love it here! I was born & raised in the north eastern part of Florida. We're surrounded by beautiful beaches almost everywhere.
 With living in Florida and surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, we occasionally get hurricanes and pretty gusty tropical storms sweeping through here. So as most natives of Florida do, we all head to the beach when one begins to show it's strength in the water.  It's an old tradition that I grew up doing and loved.  My parents would load us all into the car, we would drive over the bridge to the beaches and park as close as we could to the sand so that we could see the waves rising high and then crash into the nearby pier.  We would usually get out of the car with excitement as we walked toward the pavilions where most of the town also stood, and we could feel the strong winds against our face. We would laugh and just be "certain" the wind was going to blow us away!  Afterwards we would usually stop by the old Dairy Queen that no longer stands, and everyone would get an ice cream cone, I now understand that was probably meant to keep us quite so that my parents could talk. :) 
 So the tradition carries on, whenever there is a storm out in the gulf, you know where most of us will be.. down on the beach.  :)  Here are a few pictures of our trip to the beach today as Tropical Storm Lee was out in the gulf... enjoy!

                            Daddy, Caden(wasn't real happy with all the sand blowing) & Connor

little Connor bubs!


mommy & Ella bug

All done at the beach and heading out for some lunch.. and ice cream!  :)

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  1. Yay for keeping the tradition alive! :) Oh I wanted to go so bad yesterday. I hated that Kyle had to work :(